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Using Developmental Feedback to Address Free Ridership in Team Projects: A Review and the Role of Peer Assess Pro

Feedback is critical to learning and development, particularly in team-based projects where students rarely get to practice giving and receiving constructive feedback. A recent study titled “Using Developmental Feedback to Address Free Ridership in Team Projects” has shed light on the importance of structured feedback in team projects and how it can be effectively facilitated using tools like Peer Assess Pro.

The study emphasizes the role of developmental feedback in addressing the issue of free ridership in team projects. Free ridership refers to the phenomenon where some team members contribute less than their fair share to a project, relying on others to carry the workload. This can lead to frustration and conflict within teams, and negatively impact the overall project outcome. The study suggests that providing structured, timely feedback can help identify and address free ridership early on, leading to more equitable contributions and improved team dynamics.

This is where Peer Assess Pro comes into play. Peer Assess Pro is a digital teammate peer assessment platform that enables students to provide concise, constructive feedback to their peers. It is designed to enhance the fairness and effectiveness of teamwork using teammate peer assessment. The platform provides teammates with personal reports that encourage timely, constructive conversations around their strengths and opportunities to improve their contribution to the team’s future achievement.

The research-based framework embedded in Peer Assess Pro allows for timely and iterative feedback loops, helping students reflect and elevate their performance. This aligns perfectly with the findings of the study, which highlights the importance of regular, structured feedback in improving team performance and addressing issues such as free ridership.

The process of using Peer Assess Pro is straightforward and user-friendly. Teachers can create a team arrangement for their group assignment, launch a teammate peer assessment activity, and manage the peer assessment process. The platform also allows for courageous conversations and feedback events with students, further enhancing the feedback process.

Moreover, Peer Assess Pro supports both formative and summative peer assessment. Formative peer assessment, given early in the group work process, can nudge students towards improving their process of working together, leading to better quality outputs. It also provides advance warning of at-risk and dysfunctional behaviors by teams and individuals that teachers can address proactively.

In essence, Peer Assess Pro aligns perfectly with the study’s emphasis on developmental feedback as a means to address free ridership and improve team performance. It provides a structured, user-friendly platform for peer assessment, enabling students to give and receive constructive feedback, learn from their peers, and improve their teamwork skills.

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