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Teammate peer assessment: A fast, fly-past

In situations of group work, how do we

– Raise group members’ employability competencies
– Minimise free-riding
– Identify dysfunctional team behaviour
– Calculate a fair grade or bonus based on contribution, leadership, and teamwork?

We propose that conducting at least two peer assessments, one formative then one summative is the best practice solution for raising individual results, team performance, employability, and minimizing risks (Mellalieu & Dodd, 2019).

The video presents a fast, fly-by of a digitally-enabled solution addressing these issues when they arise from group work in higher education, such as team-based learning (TBL).

An effective solution provides a flexible and comprehensive platform for team coaches and teachers to manage the group-based peer assessment and peer feedback processes. These processes contribute to several positive feedback loops that improve team effectiveness, academic results and employability (Mellalieu, 2019).

What factors are relevant to making a choice about a preferred platform for managing peer feedback and peer assessment in teams?

Amongst the criteria we suggest are
– Result preview, publication, and update
– Speed to deploy
– Team and individual dysfunction alerts
– Personal result calculation
– Teamset management – ability to adjust the composition of one or more teams during the progress of a peer assessment
– Standardised qualitative and qualitative rating rubrics
– Automated deployment and notifications to team members and teachers

The video illustrates the relevance and importance of these features from the perspective of both a teacher and team member.


View our experience-based best practices for peer assessment preparation, diagnosing team health, and team feedback in our recorded webinar: Improving Group Assignments through Peer Feedback and Peer Assessment.

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Music credit: Marky Emney, The Journeyman, Carlin Production Music 1991

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