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Comprehensive Operations Guide for Teachers

The following videos make up the complete operations guide for teachers.

I) Introduction

II) Set up the Class List and Survey

1. Survey Preparation and Distribution – The class list

2. Create the Survey

You may now optionally proceed directly to:  Phase III. Preview to send the Survey to students.
Good practice Hint:  complete Phase II Prepare the Analyser immediately after you despatch the Survey to respondents!

III) Prepare the Analyser for receiving Survey (Responses)

The following two steps may be postponed until immediately before you are ready for Phase IV. Review and correct Analyser warnings.


3. Download the Analyser

4. Link Analyser to class list

5. Link Analyser to Survey (Responses)

IV. Preview and send the Survey to students

6. Preview the survey: What the students experience.

7. Send Survey to assessors (students)

V. Review and correct Analyser warnings concerning incorrect responses in the Survey

Ensure Phase II Prepare the Analyser for receiving Survey (Responses) is completed before you continue with the following steps.
8. Response checking, correction, and analysis

VI. Review team, class, and individual results in Peer Assess Pro Analyser

9. Review all results in the Analyser

9.1  Enter Team Results into the Peer Assess Pro Analyser Dashboard

9.2. Review Class Charts in the Analyser

9.3. Review and sort Analysis Gradebook

10. Snapshot review of a specific student

VII. Distribute personal results using the Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM) add-on

11. Distribution of results – Create mail merge draft email

12. Install Yet Another Mail Merge Addon: First-time installation of YAMM

13. Receive a test email using a draft Gmail template using the YAMM add-on

14. Initiate mailmerge personalise emails using YAMM add-on

VIII. Guidelines for good practice file management when using Peer Assess Pro

15. Good practice – gather your assets