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Peer assessment is an educational activity in which students judge the performance of their peers, usually their teammates. Usually, the teacher will use the results of a peer assessment to increase or decrease your grade according to well-defined calculations. Equally important, the feedback information you provide anonymously to your teammates will help them understand how they could contribute more effectively to your team’s results and teamwork processes. The intended outcome is a better team result, better personal results, and better working relationships.

As you learn to give and receive peer feedback, you will improve your practice in areas such as leadership, communication, teamwork, and conflict management. These areas are regarded by employers as ‘must have’ areas for your future employability once you graduate. Better feedback: Better teams™.

Qualitative Feedback Guide

Welcome to our Qualitative Feedback Guide! This document has been designed to support students in providing meaningful and effective feedback to their peers based on their ratings on the Peer Assessment Survey. The guide is an accompaniment to our rubric and will help you understand how to articulate your observations and provide constructive feedback. The guide covers 10 different attributes that were assessed in the survey, including communication, collaboration, welcoming harmony, and welcoming leadership, among others. Each attribute includes examples of feedback for students who received a 1 (Novice), 3 (Practitioner), and 5 (Expert) rating, so you can see what good feedback looks like and use it as a starting point for your own comments. We hope this guide will be a valuable resource in helping you develop your feedback skills and provide meaningful insights to your peers. Happy learning!

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Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Based on the experience of previous students who have undertaken peer assessment using Peer Assess Pro, these are questions to which you most likely want answers. Follow the links.

FAQ: What is the purpose of peer assessment?

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FAQ: What questions are asked in the peer assessment survey?

FAQ: How do I provide useful feedback to my team members?

FAQ: What steps can I take to get a better personal result?

FAQ: I don’t understand what my teammates are trying to tell me. How do I ask for better feedback?

FAQ: How are peer assessment and personal results calculated and defined mathematically?

Further FAQs are available here

The FAQs are grouped into these categories

The purpose of peer assessment

Undertaking the peer assessment

Using peer assessment results for better performance

How peer assessment affects personal results

General Overview

This TEDx video is a fantastic resource to introduce students to the importance of giving and receiving feedback.

peer assessment for Team Projects

Peer Assess Pro enhances the fairness and effectiveness of team work using teammate peer assessment. Peer Assess Pro provides team members with personal reports that encourage timely, constructive conversations around team members’ strengths, and opportunities to improve a member’s contribution to their team’s future achievement.