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It’s important to remember that most students have never formally assessed another student. Nor have they given or received formal feedback. Not fully explaining the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of peer assessment will result in confusion, resentment, anger and a few tears shed. Because of this, we have endeavoured to provide you with the tools needed to ensure that the peer assessment process goes well for you and your students.

Peer Assessment Videos

General Overview

This video is one that we developed specifically for teachers to introduce their students to Peer Assess Pro and the process of peer assessment. We found that its best to show this video in class so that you are available to answer any questions that may arise. Of course its also a good idea to embed the video in your LMS (Moodle, Blackboard, etc.)

How is my Personal Result calculated? Block Overview

Calculation of Team Based Learning Score (TBL) and Team Based Learning Index (TBLI)

Calculation of Normalised Personal Result (NPR)

Comparison of the features of Indexed Personal Result (IPR) and Normalised Personal Result (NPR)

This TEDx video is also a fantastic resource to introduce students to the importance of giving and receiving feedback.

Peer Assessment Presentation Slides

The following slide deck is the same as the one used in the video. If you’d rather use slides to introduce your students to Peer Assess Pro rather than a video, then click the download link and you can create your own copy that you can edit as you see fit.

Download Slides

Exercise: Develop marking rubric

Having students develop a marking rubric for the 10 different attributes that they will encounter on the Peer Assess Pro Survey helps to ensure that they have a better understanding of the standards, gradations, and expectations of each of the attributes being assessed. Students also feel as if they have a “voice” within the classroom.

View the rubric template here

Including Peer Assess Pro into your Assignment Instructions

It’s important to include the peer assessment process into the assignment instructions that are given to students especially if you will be using Peer Assess Pro to determine individual scores from a group score. Click the link below to access the Google doc that contains the instructions.

View the assignment instructions

Peer Assess Pro, is a system designed to enhance the effectiveness of student team peer feedback. Peer Assess Pro provides teachers and team members with quantitative and qualitative formation that enables timely, constructive conversations focused on precise pinpointing of team members strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to improve their contribution to their teams’ achievement.