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It’s important to remember that most students have never formally assessed another student. Nor have they given or received formal feedback. Not fully explaining the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of peer assessment will result in confusion, resentment, anger and a few tears shed. Because of this, we have endeavoured to provide you with the tools needed to ensure that the peer assessment process goes well for you and your students.


In our free eBook, “How to Teach using Team Assignments: The 7 step formula for fair and effective team assignments,” we devote an entire chapter on how to train your students for teammate peer assessment.


When introducing students to peer assessment, we’ve found that they typically have the following questions:

These questions are addressed also in the Peer Assessment Presentation Slides.

Introducing peer assessment to students

This set of YouTube videos will explain to your students why and what of teammate peer assessment.


These are the slides that were used in the video series above. Please feel free to adapt your own version by making a Google Slides copy or download the pdf.

Google slides copy

PDF version of slides

Training: Practice developing and applying a peer assessment survey rubric

Having students develop a marking rubric for the 10 different attributes that they will encounter on the Peer Assess Pro Survey helps to ensure that they have a better understanding of the standards, gradations, and expectations of each of the attributes being assessed. Students also feel as if they have a “voice” within the classroom.

View the rubric template here

Comprehensive Feedback Templates

The “Comprehensive Feedback Templates for Peer Assess Pro” is a resource designed to aid students in providing effective and constructive peer feedback. It covers 10 key attributes, each with specific feedback examples for different performance levels, making it an invaluable tool for enhancing peer evaluations, particularly for those new to the process or for whom English is a second language.

Team Contract

Don’t miss out on a successful group experience! Download our comprehensive team contract now and set your university group assignment on the path to success. Establish clear expectations, roles, and guidelines for effective collaboration and accountability. Click here to download your team contract and start working together more efficiently today!

Peer Feedback Videos

General Overview

This TEDx video is also a fantastic resource to introduce students to the importance of giving and receiving feedback.

Giving Feedback for Strong Performance

Further resources for students

Further guidance for students is presented here

peer assessment for Team Projects

Peer Assess Pro enhances the fairness and effectiveness of team work using teammate peer assessment. Peer Assess Pro provides team members with personal reports that encourage timely, constructive conversations around team members’ strengths, and opportunities to improve a member’s contribution to their team’s future achievement.