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Provide Development Feedback

Providing and receiving feedback does not come naturally for most students. For students to learn how to provide and receive meaningful feedback, they must be provided with a structured feedback framework that targets the most important elements related to task accomplishment and leadership.

The Peer Assess Pro feedback survey was adapted from Sandra Deacon Carr’s Team Learning Assistant Workbook.  The survey contains ten quantitative questions. Five questions address contribution and task accomplishment and five questions address contribution to leadership and group processes. In addition, three qualitative questions help the student clarify the quantitative ratings and provide the assessed student guidance how to improve their future contribution. Peer Assess Pro also includes a detailed rubric for each of the quantitative questions to help students understand and assess the behaviours associated with each question.

Developing a realistic self image

Unique to the Peer Assess Pro toolkit is the ability for students to self-assess using the same questions that are used to assess their team members. Through encouraging students to self-assess, Peer Assess Pro highlights discrepancies between their peer assessment and their self-assessment. Discrepancies provide evidence that the student might overestimate or underestimate their contribution to the team. Arriving at a realistic self-image is a powerful step in students’ learning journeys (‘ERSI: Exceptionally Realistic Self-Image’, n.d.).