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Peer Assess Pro License Fee

Individual Licence
USD $0.60 / student
  • Usage
    Individual educator use in one course each semester.
  • Licence Term
    1 semester
  • Courses
  • Surveys
Institution-wide license
USD $1.00 one semester / student
USD $1.75 full academic year / student
  • Usage
    Department, faculty or institution-wide use in several courses each semester.
  • Licence Term
    1 semester or 1 academic year
  • Courses
  • Surveys

Terms and conditions

  • Semester periods run from January 1 through the end of June, and July 1 through the end of December. Other periods by arrangement.
  • Individual License: Invoices will be issued for the per course option after the first survey for the course has been created and launched.
  • Institution-wide License: Invoices for the institution option will be issued at the beginning of the semester period based on your estimated number of unique students. Adjustments to the unique student count license fee will be made at the end of each semester so that adding students to surveys will always be an option.
  • Payment terms: By 20th day of the month following submission of invoice. All transactions will be billed in New Zealand dollars.

Professional Development 2 Day Workshop
USD $350 per person

Learn how to improve learning outcomes and enhance career-ready competencies from group assignments through effective teammate peer feedback.

Day 1Enhancing career-ready competencies in diverse teams through group peer feedback. Presentation
Day 2Digital tools for enabling developmental feedback and teamwork grading by peer assessment. Workshop

These workshops are for:

  • Teachers currently using or intending to use group projects
  • Teachers seeking to improve the effectiveness of, and outcomes from teammate peer feedback
  • Teachers intending to use the Peer Assess Pro teammate peer assessment as part of awarding student grades
  • Teachers wanting to mitigate risks associated with teamwork in diverse teams

At the end of the workshop you’ll be able to:

  • Assess the role and benefits of using teammate peer assessment as a critical element in the design and assessment of group projects
  • Utilise the quantitative and qualitative feedback provided through the Peer Assess Pro teammate peer assessment system to enhance the effectiveness of diversely-composed teams
  • Identify the implementation steps required to select and introduce a best-practice teammate peer assessment platform



Patrick Dodd

Patrick Dodd, MBA
Patrick is responsible for Marketing and Business Development and co-founder of Peer Assess Pro. In the School of Applied Business at Unitec Institute of Technology, Patrick is an Academic Leader and lecturer for marketing and digital enterprise.


Peter MellalieuPeter Mellalieu, Ph.D.
Peter is Chief Technologist responsible for the design, development, and testing of the Peer Assess Pro peer feedback system. Following a career in industrial operations research, Peter taught in several academic programmes including strategy, general management, entrepreneurship, operations management, innovation, sustainability, and organisation development.

peer assessment for Team Projects

Peer Assess Pro enhances the fairness and effectiveness of team work using teammate peer assessment. Peer Assess Pro provides team members with personal reports that encourage timely, constructive conversations around team members’ strengths, and opportunities to improve a member’s contribution to their team’s future achievement.