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Now available from Xorro: Peer Assessment for Group Projects

Xorro announces the launch of its new Peer Assessment solution, developed in partnership with Peer Assess Pro.

The new Peer Assessment activity helps instructors working with teams and workgroups to use peer feedback for development and assessment purposes.

Team members provide both developmental feedback and quantitative ratings on a range of questions for each of their peers.

The quantitative ratings produce a Peer Assessment Score that, in turn, can be combined with team assignment grades to produce a Personal Result. Depending on each team member’s relative contribution the Personal Result may be calculated above or below the team’s result for its assignment outputs.

Xorro’s peer assessment activities provide unprecedented time-saving for instructors. Automated reminders ensure a high participant rate. Dashboard alerts draw the instructor’s attention to outlier responses that may need closer scrutiny.

The peer assessment survey and analysis is based on extensive international research, reporting on metrics useful to both employers and academics.

For the first year, all instructors will have complimentary and unlimited access to this feature in Xorro-Q.

  • Improve personal development through feedback from team members
  • Improve team performance
  • Improve student satisfaction with team projects
  • Determine individual grades combining a team score with peer assessment-based contribution
  • Automatic alerts to identify at-risk students
  • Easy to use
  • 4 months (one semester) free trial period

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