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Calculate Fair Grades

Determining an individual’s score from a group project is not an easy task, which is why many teachers award everyone in the group with the same score.  This method is grossly unfair and leads to social loafing and student disharmony.

Peer Assess Pro (PAP) uses structured peer feedback to calculate an individual’s score.  PAP offers teachers four different methods for determining individual scores from a team-based project. The following are the two most popular methods.

Peer Assessed (PA) Score

What is it:A relative measure of the degree to which a team member has contributed to their team’s overall achievement, team processes, and leadership.
Best application for use:This score was developed for teachers who are using Team-Based Learning in their classrooms.

Normalised Personal Result (NPR)

What is it:The Normalised Personal Result method awards the AVERAGE student in the team the ‘Team Result’. All remaining students are awarded a personal result above or below the Team Result depending on whether their Team-Based Learning score is above or below that team’s average Team-Based Learning score.
Best application for use:The NPR is the preferred method for determining individual scores from a team assignment. It effectively rewards those students who contribute more to the project than the others and penalises the social loafers.