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    Contributions will always differ when students take part in group-based assignments. It’s difficult for instructors to judge who is meeting learning outcomes… and those who risk failure. Peer Assess Pro drives performance and satisfaction with one integrated approach to team assessment.

    We believe that better feedback leads to better teams. Learn how the Peer Assess Pro survey platform and development resources helps improve your students’ group work today… and professional achievement tomorrow. Explore these key benefits delivered by Peer Assess Pro when you assign group projects to your students.

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    Feedback is crucial for learning and development. However, students rarely get an opportunity to practice giving constructive feedback and responding constructively to feedback. In our industry-based capstone course, our students provide feedback to their peers through multiple iterations using Peer Assess Pro. A research-based framework embedded in Peer Assess Pro enables students to provide concise and constructive feedback. Timely and iterative feedback loops help students reflect and elevate their performance.

    ~ Yi-Te Chiu
    Assistant Professor | Victoria University of Wellington

    My students use Peer Assess Pro to assess their teammates’ teamwork skills in Team-Based Learning. Timely feedback to team members means that they learn where they are making a positive impact and where they need to improve.

    ~ Dr. Judith Ainsworth
    Assistant Professor | Temple University

    Peer Assess Pro allows me to quickly and efficiently take the pulse of all of my teams and fairly award individual marks based on how well they performed in the team and their overall contribution to the project.

    ~ Olga Dodd
    Senior Lecturer | AUT University
    Watch our comprehensive demonstration video