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Improved teacher efficiency

Improved teacher efficiency (time-saving)

Implementing and managing peer feedback can be a time-consuming process for teachers.  Tasks such as determining whether every student has provided peer feedback for every team member, collating all of the feedback, determining individual grades from a group mark based on the feedback, and then creating and distributing a report for each student can be so arduous that most time-poor teachers will simply forgo the process. This is unfortunate because the value of peer feedback as a critical component of student learning and development is immeasurable.

Peer Assess Pro (PAP) was developed specifically to make peer assessment and peer feedback easy and efficient to conduct.  To get started using PAP, teachers copy and paste their class rolls into the PAP survey and then send the link to their students.  The using the PAP Analyser, teachers can see which students need to complete the peer assessments. The PAP Analyser also identifies students who were over/under generous in their assessments so that teachers can ask them to reassess.

Once all of the assessments are in, the teacher simply enters the group mark for each team and the Analyser will automatically calculate individual grades based on the peer feedback. When the teacher is ready to send each student their individual results, PAP has partnered with Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM) to make it easy to email each student with one click of a button.