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Empowering Students with Qualitative Feedback: A Guide for Peer Assessments

As educators, we understand the importance of developing teamwork skills in our students. One way to achieve this is through peer assessments, where students are asked to rate their team members across various attributes such as communication skills, leadership, and collaboration. While it is essential to rate a team member, it is equally crucial to provide qualitative feedback to support the rating given. This type of feedback provides specific, actionable insights that can help a student improve and enhance their teamwork skills.

In many cases, students struggle with providing qualitative feedback. They may not know how to articulate their thoughts, or they may feel uncomfortable sharing constructive criticism. This is where a guide to qualitative feedback can come in handy. The guide provides specific examples of qualitative feedback based on the ratings given, making it easier for students to provide specific, meaningful feedback to their peers.

The Peer Assess Pro peer assessment survey asks students to rate their team members across ten specific attributes, including communication, collaboration, and leadership. By providing clear examples of qualitative feedback for each attribute, students can feel more confident in giving constructive feedback that will help their peers grow and improve.

For example, if a student rates their team member as a ‘Novice’ in communication skills, the guide provides feedback such as “During group discussions, you were slow to contribute and seemed uncertain about sharing your thoughts,” or “You didn’t seem to actively listen to others and sometimes failed to acknowledge their contributions.” On the other hand, if a student rates their team member as an ‘Expert’ in leadership, the guide provides feedback such as “You effectively led the project team,” or “You chaired meetings inclusively to ensure all teammates could participate fully.”

In conclusion, providing specific qualitative feedback is an essential part of the peer assessment process. By using a guide like the one provided by Peer Assess Pro, educators can help students feel more confident in providing meaningful feedback to their peers. This feedback will serve as a valuable tool for students as they develop their teamwork skills and grow into effective team members.

Download the qualitative feedback guide.

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