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About Us

Better Feedback. Better Teams.

Peer Assess Pro Ltd provides Education as a Service (EaaS) focussed narrowly on improving team performance through better teammate peer assessment and feedback. In addition to its software platform, Peer Assess Pro supports the effective adoption of teammate peer assessment teaching and learning through project design, facilitation, and professional development. In essence, we assert

Better feedback. Better teams.

The above image illustrates through our Causal Loop Soft Systems

Diagram how we believe that better teamwork arises from better teammate peer assessment and feedback.

Furthermore, our infographic How to conduct a teammate peer assessment illustrates a seven-step formula for effective team assignments. The poster outlines details, tips, and checklists for the following goals. The poster is generic and platform-independent.

Our working philosophy 

Peer Assess Pro Ltd works in partnership with you to invent or improve the ways you conduct team-based peer assessment and feedback with your educational or work teams. We add value to your organisation or teams through our creative skill in working with you and your partners to design and implement solutions that integrate strategic insight, team and organisational learning, and professional performance.

We prefer to enter into partnerships where responsibility is shared with you, our skills are transferred to you, and reliance on us is gradually reduced to the point of our disengagement apart from your use of our software platforms and self-service knowledge base.

Our platform

The Peer Assess Pro software platform helps teachers to

  1. Raise and validate teammates’ employability competencies 
  2. Calculate fair grades for contribution
  3. Eliminate freeriding in group work
  4. Minimise the risk of dysfunctional teams and at-risk students
  5. Identify unrealistic self-assessment and outlier ratings

Our services

In addition to our software platform, we offer the following services as part of our Education as a Service (EaaS) activity

Application software platform

  • Technical service and support
  • Product localisation

Project design, facilitation, and professional development

  • Training and professional development
  • Consultancy, research, and development
  • Action Learning/Action Research facilitation
  • Idealised design process facilitation
  • Scholarly research collaboration


peer assessment for Team Projects

Peer Assess Pro enhances the fairness and effectiveness of team work using teammate peer assessment. Peer Assess Pro provides team members with personal reports that encourage timely, constructive conversations around team members’ strengths, and opportunities to improve a member’s contribution to their team’s future achievement.