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About Us

There has long been a call from employers to develop graduates soft skills in addition to the traditional academic competencies. In recent years, the call for developing graduates’ soft skills is being realised through wider adoption of team-based pedagogies. Several challenges related to formative and summative assignment now arise as teachers increasingly adopt team based pedagogies such as project-based learning and action learning. Specifically, in terms of summative assessment, how can a teacher quantify an appropriate contribution mark for each member of the team? Equally important, as a team proceeds to work together, how can the team be supported to improve team members’ contribution to team effectiveness in a proactive manner that will contribute to an improved end-of-semester outcome?
aboutus_backPeer Assess Pro, is a system designed to enhance the effectiveness of student team peer feedback. Peer Assess Pro provides teachers and team members with quantitative and qualitative information that enables timely, constructive conversations focused on precise pinpointing of team members strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to improve their contribution to their teams’ achievement. Peer Assess Pro is delivered in conjunction with the Xorro-Q survey delivery and audience participation platform.


Further Information

Mellalieu, P. J., & Dodd, P. (2018, November). Honest performance feedback from their team members contributes highly to students’ course learning. 2018 Ako Aotearoa Northern Hub 6th Projects Colloquium, Auckland.

peer assessment for Team Projects

Peer Assess Pro enhances the fairness and effectiveness of team work using teammate peer assessment. Peer Assess Pro provides team members with personal reports that encourage timely, constructive conversations around team members’ strengths, and opportunities to improve a member’s contribution to their team’s future achievement.